27 December, 2010

As I Move On

Vaniity - Before & After

Vanity as a little boy with his father

Vanity after SRS- With Her Man,who fucks her mercilessly on screen.
" I Put My Arms Around Him , Yes, And drew Him Down To Me So He Could Feel My Breast And His Heart Was Going Like Mad , Mm Yes, I Said Yes , Oh Yes..."

03 December, 2010

Joanne Cassar

How Come Her Right To Marry A Man Be Denied By The Court ?
No Wonder, The Court Is Blind, So They Couldnt See That Joanne Cassar Was Never Been An Enough Man. She Doesnt Have Right To Live A Life Of A Man For Even A Single Day.
Just Stay tuned Too See The Beauty In Her Wedding Dress.

01 December, 2010

Once Husband, Now A Perfect House Wife

Who Would Have Thought That This Ruffy Guy

Who Once Married A Beautiful Woman
Could Become Like This With Heavy Boobs After His Breast Augmentation & Sex Change.
An Soon Totally Passing As A Sexy Woman

A Perfect Female And A Complete Marriage Material....
Today She Lives The Rest Of Her Life Happily As A Respected & Graceful Housewife.
Isnt It Nice To Play The Role Of A House Wife Instead Of Husband ? I Am Sure He Felt It.
To Be Loved, Caressed, Fucked & More Importantly Taken Care Of....
Her Husband Too Is Extremely Happy And Why Not, After All He Has Got The Right On Her Body & Soul.

04 November, 2010

Date Night

Guest Cap By Salma:

My First Night

Guest Cap By Salma:

I Will Be Good

Guest Cap By Salma:

Posing For The Camera

I Am Pleased To Introduce Salma, As A Guest Caption Writer For This Blog. She Has Send Few Of Her Excellent Works Exclusively For My Blog. I Take The opportunity To Thank Her. Viewers Are Requested To Put Comments On This Caption.

12 September, 2010