26 September, 2009

An womanizer ends up becoming an woman

Tim was a real womanizer, never caring for the feelings of the girls whose hearts he broke. The three of his ex-girlsfriends decided to get their own back. Cheryl, Melissa, and Janet, invited him over one evening for some fun. Tim thought it would just fine to be entertained by three women that he had 'conquered'. The girls flirted with him the minute he got in through the door but little did he realize that Melissa's flirting was real a form of hypnosis. Before long they had him in a docile trance and then the fun really began.They quickly stripped him of his male clothing and in his hypnotized state of mind Tim was completely unaware the he was standing naked in front of three women. They shaved his body and Tim obediently stood in the bath as the girls laughed their way around his body preparing him for a forced feminization. Cheryl found a pair of pink panties with a lace trim and a matching bra for him to wear and that got them going to find as many pink girly clothes for Tim to wear as they could. They gave him a pair of skin-tight pink jeans, a pink tank-top and a pink top to go over it. Then they set to work on his make-up and hair, all three girls working at the same time while Tim stared blankly at his own feminized reflection in the mirror. Finally they were done. All that remained was to decide where they would take him in public before they work him up....

25 September, 2009

Candi Stratton

Dear Lynn,

I would like to contribute a picture of my wife to your womens success photo's and links page. Her name is Candi Stratton.

Candi was a performer in the U.S. till 1989, at which time she had her SRS at the age of 26. She then became a flight attendant and management for Delta Airlines. She is still flying, commuting from Australia to New York.

Since marrying me she has relocated to Australia, and when not flying she has returned to performing and a whole new crowd have fallen in love with her all over again.

Candi helps me out with a website called Tgconnect.com, which is a site that is for the transgender community. I am attaching some photo's of her for you and also her website.Sincerely,

11 September, 2009

Roberta Close: The Most Gorgeous Post-Op TG

Roberta Close was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in December 1964 (although strangely her autobiography claims 1965). She was christened Luíz Roberto Gambine Moreira but in daily life uses Luiza Bambine Moreira, a name she legally adopted in Switzerland. Roberta Close is actually her stage name which she later adopted, "Close" apparently coming from the first magazine she modelled for. Since changing her name she's been fighting a highly publicised battle in Brazilian courts against a ban on her using the name Luiza and the gender "Female" on official Brazilian document which she has only recently won.

The young Luíz was always a very pretty looking boy and began wearing women's clothing while still in his mid-teens, much to the dismay of his family and particularly his/her father. She also started to secretly have female hormone injections and Roberta briefly "worked the streets" of the Lapa district with the other 'travestis'. In 1981, age 17, her career started to take-off and she increasingly became a media darling - appearing in magazines, periodicals and advertising.
At age 18 she was called up for compulsory military service. She reported to the interview office wearing a white dress and looking as feminine as possible in appearance, she recalls that the affect was unintentionally but provocatively enhanced by the dress becoming wet from rain! Upon her arrival, a very confused guard asked her to tell her brother to report the next day. Once eventually inside, the examining Sergeant quickly arranged her exemption. But sadly her father (then a senior military officer) was scandalized by the episode, and rejected her for several years. By the age of 20, Roberta's amazing body shape (probably enhanced by silicone) and beautiful face had made her famous as a model and actress. She won the Miss Gay Brazil contest and during a subsequent guest appearance at the Miss Brazil contest embarrassingly over shadowed many of the contestants in looks and beauty. She also became the first "shemale" to appear nude in Brazilian Playboy. In 1984 the periodical Weekly Word News had a front page headline declaring that "The world's most beautiful model is really a man". She then starred in the 1986 movie Si tu vas a Rio... tu meursand became the subject of the hit song Close by Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos. Although happy as a "pre-op" girl, pressure (reputedly) from agents and photographers finally led to her having a SRS operation in London in August 1989. Now accepting herself as woman, she regards menstruation as being an important part of womanhood - one implausible tale claims to such an extant that she has simulated having her monthly period by wearing tampons stained with chicken blood. Her biggest but most impossible wish is to become pregnant, she sadly says "No woman who can't bear a child can ever feel that she's really complete." In 1992, the 8th District Family Court in Rio decided that the post-surgery Roberta could use her female name on official documents, but after much dispute the Supreme Court finally ruled against her in 1997. In April 1999 she was even arrested for using a false passport which identified her as Luiza and female. The results of her surgery were well displayed in the men's magazine Sexy during the mid-1990's, and in one poll she was voted the most beautiful woman in Brazil! Since then Roberta has continued to develop her acting career and recently played a cabaret singer in the TV soap Mandacaru. Currently she hosts a late night talk show called De Noite na Cama (In Bed at Night), and she also still models and often features in adverts. In 1993 she married a Swiss manager, Roland Granacher (left), and for many years lived with him in Zurich. However the marriage could not have been helped by Roberta's extraordinary sequence of famous lovers and admirers, a list which includes Robert DeNiro, George Clooney, Eddie Murphy and Francis Coppola, and which is chronicled in her kiss-and-tell autobiography"Muito Prazer, Roberta Close" (Much Pleasure, Roberta Close, edited by Lucia Rito) which was published in 1998. Although Roberta and Roland supposedly separated in the Spring of 2000, they continue to occasionally be seen together in public and have not apparently divorced. On 4 March 2005, a landmark decision by Judge Leise Rodrigues de Lima Espiritu Santo of the 9th Family Court of Rio de Janeiro recognized Roberta Close as a woman. In the decision, which was based on the opinion of medical specialists, the judge wrote that "the law should keep up with scientific progress, because man creates, applies and is held to legal norms, whether they be the most antiquated and obsolete or the most advanced and visionary." Based on the judicial writ, a new birth certificate was issued by the Office of Public Records, affirming that on December 7, 1964, a child of female sex was born and was given the name of Roberta Gambine Moreira. With this new certificate in her possession, Roberta can now discard all her earlier documents and her new passport will show her as female.
Roberta gives her vital statistics as: height 180 centimetres (5' 10½"), bust 93 cm (37"), waist 78 cm (30½") and hips 103 cm (40½"). She also says that her hobby is collecting Barbie dolls!

10 September, 2009


Monday 19th March 2007
I can’t believe my mum is insisting I continue to write this journal. It’s bad enough that thosetablets she kept giving me have made me look more like a girl than a boy,but now she’s makingme wear dresses to school. And not just any old dresses too. She’s picked the frilliest dressesshe could find. I’m to take a photo every day and put it in this journal.
Tuesday 20th March 2007
Another day, another frilly dress. It’s just humiliating. Everybody laughs at me and callsme a sissy. The boys just pluck my bra strap and try and look up my skirt to see what colourpanties I am wearing and the girls are too embarassed to let me sit near them.
I wish I could go back to wearing boy clothes but Mum says that I was always in trouble as aboy and I am much better behaved now that I am a girl. I can’t be trusted to ever bea boy again. It’s skirts and frills for the rest of my life.
Sunday 31st August 2008
Today was another day spent working as a maid at the big house down the road. I can’t believe I’vebeen here for 6 months now, since we moved into town.
The master of the house is a real old lech. He couldn’t resist peeking up my skirt when I bent down today. He’d get a shock if he realised I had a cock inside these lacy panties. Nobody around here realises I used to be a boy. I look so girly now even I wouldn’t believe it.
Mum has promised me that next year she’ll let me have the operation to make me a real girl. I never thoughtI’d look forward to that day.
Monday 1st September 2008
First day of term at school. Another year has gone round so quick. It’s so much better than at mylast school because they only know me as a girl.
Mum still insists I have to dress as she tells me, but at least I don’t have to wear the frilly dressesany more.
Today I wore a satin blouse and a tight leather skirt that acted as a corset. The hormones havereally given me a nice butt, and I just love to show it off. The stares I got from some of the boysreally made my day. Sally Jenkins called me a tramp and a slut today. Jackie stood up for methough, told her she was jealous ‘cos I have better tits than she does. Which is true. Thosedoctors did a fantastic job the other month.
13th October 2009
The last few weeks have been like a whirlwind for me Mummy said I was allowed to leave my journalfor a few weeks while I got better.
I’ve just got out of hospital. Mummy had arranged for me to have the operation that would finallymake me a real girl. They took away my boy bits and gave me a lovely pussy instead.
I can’t believe how happy I am to be complete. Had you told be 4 years ago that I’d grow up to be a pretty girl I’d have thought you were insane. But I have become so used to being girly I couldn’t see myself living any other way now.
To celebrate my homecoming my Mummy bought me the most gorgeous pink top and skirt. It fits me so well.
I’m such a happy girl.
Ok so here’s my latest weekly update and what a week it’s been!
I’m still finding my feet as a junior secretary. The work’s a little dull at times, but the people there are very friendly. Mr Jenkins on the 3rd floor has said he’s been really impressed with my work and that he’s going to try to get me moved up to be his personal secretary. Which sounds nice.
But the really exciting news is that I had a date! Mummy wouldn’t let me date anyone when I was at school, and I was always scared they discover my little secret. But now I don’t have a suprise in my panties I can relax.
Anyway, I’ve been getting friendly with one of the IT guys called Brad. He keeps coming by to fix my computer. I used to like playing with them when I was a boy, but now I’m happier to have someone else fix them for me. Brad finally asked me out for a drink on Wednesday evening. I had a fantastic evening and Brad was the perfect gentleman. At the end of the evening he kissed me and I just melted into his arms. Nothing else happened. I’m not the kind of girl to put it out on just the first date. But we’re going out again next week for dinner and I think I may let him get his wicked way with me…. I can’t wait!

So here it is, the big day. Since Brad proposed to me on Valentine’s Day Mum and I have been frantically planning the wedding. It’s been just over a year since we met, but I am certain that Brad is the man for me. He’s my soulmate, and between you and me, dear reader, the sex has been fantastic!
We told him about my past soon after we started dating seriously and he didn’t mind at all. He was fantastically supportive when I was sacked for punching Mr Jenkins when he grabbed my breasts, the dirty perv.
So here I sit in an amazing wedding gown waiting to marry the man I love. I can’t believe how my life has ended up. I am so thankful to my mum for starting the process to turn me into a girl. I don’t think things would have been so good had I stayed on the path I was following as a boy. I’d have ended up in jail, or worse. I am so much happier as a woman.
I’ll be sure to write a full report of the honeymoon when I get back!

Make Me Complete