06 May, 2010

Eva Robins - Gorgeous Transgender Actress

Pseudonym of Robert Maurice Coatti. Its name was derived from the character of Eva Kant, Diabolik cartoon, which his friends said they looked like, and the surname of the writer Harold Robbins. During her career she has often done lever sexual ambiguity. Although Eva Robin's have a look and voice of all women, her body has primary sexual characteristics (genitalia) male. Interviewed said that her "transformation" took place in 14 years and that during puberty the body has not developed secondary male characters, and would develop breasts and female forms. Natural development of this kind may indicate a condition of intersex, but having only male genitalia, do not define hermaphrodite, as has often been invoked: it defines itself as androgynous. In interviews following, like that of 2007 on Corriere della Sera, has revealed instead of being taken female hormones, thanks to a pharmacist friend (see the ongoing process of transition) in the same interview and an earlier Vanity Fair, has denied that he ever made. He participated in the musical "mystery 8 Women" with Sandra Milo, Nadia Rinaldi, Corinne Clery and Caterina Costantini. Inspired by the famous "8 femme" written and directed by Francois Ozon. Eve on stage for "8 Women mystery" plays the spinster sister of the murder. Other theaters that are currently taking part Fridge monologue of the Franco-Argentine artist and playwright Copi, Othello Opera Rock Mario Concepts, Madame Max Shank, M. Butterfly in the role, of course ambiguous, the Chinese opera star Song Liling.