15 February, 2010

Suhaag Raat

Thanks to the great bra that Ritu and Nisha picked for me. He started removing my jewelry one by one. He would keep kissing my part of the body that was holding jewelry. He bent down and kissed both my ears. Then his hands moved to my necklace and he kissed me all over my neck. I was enjoying the love I was getting from him. He complemented on my perfume and told me that my smell is making him wild. He removed my gold bangles and kissed my hands. His mouth followed his hands over to my fingers and then rest over the cleavage of my boobs.

I was kind of feeling shy as well, but then I was making myself mentally prepared for what has to come next. I know, after this night,I will not be virgin anymore & my wish to become a man again is blurring away.

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