21 February, 2017

First Ttansgender Woman Gets Legally Married In Kolkata

Thirty-year-old Shree Ghatak Muhuri, a Kolkata-based theatre personality, set an example for the transgender community in the city on Saturday night by getting hitch, albeit the legal way with her childhood sweetheart Sanjay Muhuri. The journey, definitely hasn’t been a bed of roses for her, giving the stigma associated with the transgender community. Sanjay and Shree, have been friends since they turned 14. They duo even went to the same school. Talking to eNewsroom, hours after her wedding, she said, “I was in class VIII when I began getting attracted to Sanjay. It was just like any woman gets attracted towards a man. But it was so confusing for me. Being a woman trapped in a man’s body, made feel lonely, strange and bad at times. Making things worse was the fact that there was no one in my family to understand my feelings.”