31 May, 2011

Dear Readers


Behind The Scene.

Three Transsexual Women Are Being Prettified Before Their Wedding In A Transgender Wedding Reaility Show.

Their Wish List Includes The Following Plastic Surgeries

SRS, Breast Implant,Facial Feminization,Adam's Apple Shaving,Skin Resurfacing, Butt Surgery,Voice Feminization Surgery.

30 May, 2011

The Bride

This Beautiful Picture Is Beautifully Captioned By Rebecca Molay For My Blog.
I Would Love To Get More Such Wonderful Caption From Her In Future.
Here Is The Link For Her Blog
Thanks Rebecca

27 May, 2011

The Reality Show Bride

The Entire Package Of My Sex Reassignment Surgery Came With A Surprise At The End.
I Was Duped By The Internet Advertisement & Signed The Contarct Without Reading The Statutory Warning Written In Small Words At The End,Which Said That Besides My Entire Transition Will Be Aired On TV, I Also Need To Take Part In A Wedding Reality Show As A Prospective Bride.
And Look Who Finally Won Me As His Wife Out Of 16 Contestants. A Negro!!!
I Am Now Being Taken To Honeymoon And Paying The Price For My Foolishness Without Paying A Single Penny For My Transition.

The Blushing Bliss

14 May, 2011

Weak husband makes better Wife

This Creation Is By Harshita.

Khushi, A Super Sexy Post-Op Transwoman From India

Isnt She More Feminine Than Any Biological Female ?

Eligible Bachelors Are Welcome To Put Marriage Proposal here.

Who Knows, May Be She Is Watching This blog!!!