27 May, 2011

The Reality Show Bride

The Entire Package Of My Sex Reassignment Surgery Came With A Surprise At The End.
I Was Duped By The Internet Advertisement & Signed The Contarct Without Reading The Statutory Warning Written In Small Words At The End,Which Said That Besides My Entire Transition Will Be Aired On TV, I Also Need To Take Part In A Wedding Reality Show As A Prospective Bride.
And Look Who Finally Won Me As His Wife Out Of 16 Contestants. A Negro!!!
I Am Now Being Taken To Honeymoon And Paying The Price For My Foolishness Without Paying A Single Penny For My Transition.


  1. I Would Request Everyone To Develop A Photo Story ( At least five photo captions) Using This Theme.

  2. omg.. that is so hot! I loved it really!