26 September, 2009

An womanizer ends up becoming an woman

Tim was a real womanizer, never caring for the feelings of the girls whose hearts he broke. The three of his ex-girlsfriends decided to get their own back. Cheryl, Melissa, and Janet, invited him over one evening for some fun. Tim thought it would just fine to be entertained by three women that he had 'conquered'. The girls flirted with him the minute he got in through the door but little did he realize that Melissa's flirting was real a form of hypnosis. Before long they had him in a docile trance and then the fun really began.They quickly stripped him of his male clothing and in his hypnotized state of mind Tim was completely unaware the he was standing naked in front of three women. They shaved his body and Tim obediently stood in the bath as the girls laughed their way around his body preparing him for a forced feminization. Cheryl found a pair of pink panties with a lace trim and a matching bra for him to wear and that got them going to find as many pink girly clothes for Tim to wear as they could. They gave him a pair of skin-tight pink jeans, a pink tank-top and a pink top to go over it. Then they set to work on his make-up and hair, all three girls working at the same time while Tim stared blankly at his own feminized reflection in the mirror. Finally they were done. All that remained was to decide where they would take him in public before they work him up....

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