02 June, 2009

Marital Bliss

This Is Where My Destiny Brought Me In. I Am Now A Married Slut Of A Rich Hotelier.I Have Started Accepting My New Womanhood. All Credit Goes To My Sister-In-Law Romi, Who I Met In A Private Party. She Took Me To A Corner And Proposed My Hand For Her Brother, Nikhil. I Was Surprised. How Can I Marry A Man! She Assured, Trust All Will Be In Place. You Just Need To Push To Bangkok For A Sex Change Operation. Everything ,Including Your Hospital Bill Will Be Sponsored, Moreover You May Expect 25 Lac For Your Service. I Needed Money Desperately To Save My Family From Debt. This Was How My Journey To Womanhood As Aarti Begin.

To Take Look AT Aarti's Bridal Makeup Room & Her Suhaag Raat Detail, Read More....


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