23 January, 2011

Becoming Samantha


  1. Hi there, my name is Ashley from Sky's TG and Other Caps http://skylar123captions.blogspot.com/

    I noticed that the this and the previous cap are actually art work created by me. I do not have an issue with you reposting the work, I only ask that you please make mention of where you got the cap. I would be very greatful

    Thank you

  2. Dear Ashley,
    I am extremely sorry and apologize for my act.I would here like to show my gratitude and indebtness for those wonderful work of TG Captions. Please forgive me for the act of stealing.I would also like to invite you to create such Pictories for my blog on Indian/Paki TG Theam,if possible on wedding or honeymoon.I would be proud to have you as a guest caption writer for my blog.

  3. Why not simply ask before taking someone else's work and reposting it in the future? More often than not you may find people are excited that someone enjoyed it so much they want to show it off to their audience. Then when you post it, just let everyone know who made it, maybe even give a link in case they'd like to see more.

    There are plenty of ways to respect what someone else has made and still show it here.