08 December, 2011

Tista Das

Tista Das, Is A Post-Op Transsexual Indian Woman,Who Have Already Won Many A Accolade For Her Acting In Indian Cinema. The Writing Of This Caption Is Taken From Her Autobiography & The Picture Capturs The Gorgeous Actress In Her Heavily Made Up "Pakistani Bridal Makeup" Look, Which She Carries Off Extremely Well. Tista Describes Herself As "One Man Woman" And Currently In Search For "Mr.Right" . We Are Quite Sure That She Will Definitely Make A Wonderful Wife Of Him. Do The Readers Of This Blog Have Any Comments To Make For Her !! Just For Your Kind Information: Tista Das Is One Popular Search In-Puts On Web Among Transgender Celebrities In The World.


  1. I want to ask you a question.How many transvestites who derives sexual pleasure in being feminine later on go for sex realignment surgery?Or no one.

    1. Miss Sudha, quite Honestly sex reassignment surgery is not recommended to Transvestites.not even transvestic-homosexuals. not even to those who are sexually motivated rather than Gender Identity Crisis.

  2. Transvestities and Transsexuals Are
    Different.Not All Transvestities,who derives Pleasure(It Need Not To Be Sexual Always)Go For SRS.On The Other Hand People Who Go For SRS Need Not To Be For Sexual Reason.Please Understand Gender Doesn't Lie Between Legs.Likewise An Autogynephilic(Cross Dreamer,A Fetishistic Sexual Attraction)Needs Not Be A Transsexual In All Cases.To Understand One's True Gender There Are People Who Can Help. In India Tista Das Helps People Professionally.In Abroad,Places Like UK,We Have Lisa Du Preez,Who Was Known For Her Counselling. Please Understand This Blog Is Not The Right Place To Discuss All Those Things.Even Being A Transwoman,Neither I Am Qulified To Do That Nor Do I Help People To Achieve Womanhood.This Blog Is Purely A Non Commercial Approach To Those People Who Love To Read Factual And Fictional Aspects Of Transsexualism.

  3. You are absolutely right my Dear Shagufta.