07 November, 2017

Leonora Áquilla

Léo Aquilla said she did not care what genre treated her, now she stood once as transsexual woman and it requires,in addition to treatment with proper pronouns and women's wear, the call by the new stage name:Leonora Áquilla.

In a question answer session with the couple which was televised later went on like the following .

What prompted you to go for a sex change operation? 

Leonara :At that time I was almost ready but did not know what it was or did not have the courage to go for a complete sex change operation. Actually, I was missing a prince to understand me. Missing a man who should treat me as I am and demanded it from me: "What do you mean, you're a woman! You are my wife, I do not want to see anyone treating you as a man. " .Then he was this great supporter of the missing piece for me to complete this puzzle. Of course he did not impose anything, just helped me understand me. I owe it to him, for it was he who made me have the courage to buy it.

Chico: She had always been this woman. The media and the job required a little bit of it and she had to put in a different way. He focused on professional front. But when she made the final adjustment (silicone implants in the breasts), I see that she is freed and that she was very accomplished and happier.  

There was the understanding even be understood as a transgender woman in a heterosexual relationship - not gay, as was often seen. It is hard for people to separate gender identity with sexual orientation?

Chico: I do not care much about what people think, but we know that we are a heterosexual couple. After all she is a transsexual woman and I'm a man. I went to research and saw that I am a cisgender man, who is the person who accepts the genre that was imposed. For people to understand, I see her as a complete woman, as a woman she is, inside and out. Even when she shows me photos of children, I see a girl there. When she showed the photo of transsexuality report, I said that I already knew. And so you have the size, sometimes I even cogito have children. I see her pregnant. 

After years of seeing you as Leo, does your family finds it difficult to respect you as Leonora?

I force my family to respect me as a woman, which is what I am. Some people have resistance though. 

Chico, what most delights you in Leonora?

She's the woman I ever dreamed. In addition to beautiful,sexy and very appealing to me, she made love with me.


Here goes few photographs of gorgeous Leonara and her most intimate moments spent with her macho hubby and martial arts instructor Chico Campadello.

They recently got married at an event in Sao Paulo. 

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